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About  Me: I’m Carol Guscott; a woman who survives acid attacks to her face.  Despite  The affliction to my face, that left me totally disfigured and blind, I found  the strength to bounce back and hold on to the truth and beauty of God’s  world.

My faith has brought me through  circumstances that most people have never heard the likes of. God’s protection  has brought me safely through multiple surgeries and to the U.S. God’s provision has  kept me fed, housed, and clothed through the years since my acid attack to the  face that left me a destitute, the summer of 1994. I’m a survivor in Christ; my  faith in Him keeps me going. People who meet me usually say to me, “Carol, you  are a living testimony that there’s room for optimism in even  the worst of circumstances.”

My incredible life story led me to write an  engaging book, ~Face of Hope: The Carol Guscott Story.

Face of Hope is for any of you who have been hurt by  life, or are hurting, and need to understand your own strengths; want to find  help for your own journeys; seek healing for your own wounds. Face of Hope: The  Carol Guscott Story will open the eyes and minds of any who is hurting, making  room for optimism in even the worst of circumstances.

Having faced a life of tragedy and triumph through  Christ, it is my passion to offer hope and encouragement from my experiences  through my writing. If you are a survivor of violence either at home or at the  workplace, does join me on this journey, from brokenness to  life…


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Marilyn LeMieux says:

    I still think of you Carol. And reading your blog has helped me. You have always helped me. If you can learn to be happy in your circumstance than I can too. Wishing you peace, and wonder in your life—Marilyn (Mary) LeMieux

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